Gem Diner People

Doug LaLone
Doug is one of the most recognized faces in Syracuse as the main greeter and owner of The Gem. On weekends Doug can be seen greeting the breakfast crowd including families with children heading to soccer and older retirees sitting in their favorite booth. Always in action Doug eithr has a coffee pot, cleaning towel or a ketchup bottle in his hand.


A cancer survivor who is also an avid motorcycle fan, you can find Doug at events all over Syracuse including the Carol Baldwin Breast Cancer fundraisers and Challenger Baseball games at NBT Bank Stadium.

Tammy LaLone


Tammy LaLone has the restaurant business in her blood. Her mom Nancy runs Mama Nancy’s just a few blocks from the Gem. However, early in life Tammy worked as a auto detailer with Doug, just a few doors down from her mom’s diner. When the opportunity to run the Gem came up, they couldn’t resist.



Tammy keeps busy with the behind the scenes business of running The Gem. No restaurant can run without someone making sure supplies are on hand and the books are done on a monthly basis. However, you can see Tammy greeting the families who come in during afternoons when her boys are eating at the counter or working in the kitchen. The Gem is a family run business and chances are you will meet one of the LaLones while you are there.

Anthony LaLone

Anthony Lalone is Doug and Tammy’s son and the new General Manager for The Gem Diner. You can usually find him on the line expediting orders or even behind the scenes cooking a fabulous burger or steak.

When he is not working behind the scenes you can find him working out and lifting more weight than you thought was possible and posting pics of his adorable dog on Instagram.